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GC Biotech products and applications

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In the genomic research field GC Biotech products and applications can be used to make tasks easy. GC Biotech provides the products to ensure the processes are automated and the results are accurate. Make use of GC Biotech applications and products to create a way for fast and reliable analysis and sample handling. Some of our machines and kits can be used for very specific tasks and others have a more general function.

Use for example the nucleic acid isolation and purification kits in order to analyse your precious samples. You can find Bioline products in the webstore. You can also make use of the PCR kits and Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction mixes. For other sequencing and genotyping ways there are different applications such as Sanger & NGS sequencing, but also methods for single cells. The qualification and quantification of experiments is possible with the right tools. And there are automation devices that make work much lighter for someone working in the life science field. GC Biotech does provide cloning techniques and kits for RNA and molecular biology. There are high throughput apps and there is CRISPR-Cas9. In any case a serious scientist can find everything he or she needs for gene studies or other biomolecular or genomics based research.

Nucleic acid isolation and purification

Nucleic acid isolation can be done with products of the supplier Bioline. GC Biotech distributes it’s applications via the ISOLATE II kits through which it’s easy to obtain high quality DNA or RNA. These work complementary in addition to a variety of downstream PCR reagents such as polymerase mixes, reverse transcriptase an various cloning products. The products TRIsure and SureClean Plus are column-free and used for RNA and DNA isolation. Other applications that GC Biotech provides are used for nucleic acid purification such as CleanNA for NGS & Sanger sequencing. These use magnetic beads and can create clear results just like our Nippon Genetics kits. The liquid handling system that can be useful for this type of genomics is developed by one of our suppliers called the BioNex BNX 1536. Whatever it is that you need. You can always get the needed applications at GC Biotech.

Apps for molecular biology

There are apps for molecular biology, supplied by Bioline to GC Biotech’s online store. These applications are mainly used in molecular biology for cloning. In order to do a lot of experiments and get consistent results it’s very helpful to clone DNA fragments of interest. Whole genomes can by isolated and afterwards inserted into plasmids. The plasmids grow and can be isolated so it can be used in downstream applications like sequencing. Also SMOD and the company Nippon Genetics make competent products and applications for cloning.

Automated liquid handling

If one wants to automate liquid handling GC Biotech has a lot of interesting machines and applications. Suppliers like Bionex, Dynamic Devices, LGC Genomics and Denovix all provide high tech robots and devices that help a gene researcher with mundane tasks or with the analysis of their samples. Check out the web shop and browse for useful life science and diagnotics products and apps.

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